Here I’m Going To post how to copy clubpenguin’s logo (:

Its quite easy (:

First you’ll need Photoshop, Im using Pse sooo if youre using a different software this might not work ):

Second You need the clubpenguin font, Bumbastika  

Click Here For windows Download/Click Here For Mac Download

Or… A.C.M.E. Secret Agent

Click Here To Download

Of course you need to install the fonts before you can use them….

Now to get started

This is what it would look like With-out an Outline

Now this is what it looks like with Outline

now to add outline, you just have to use the text effects –> 


Go on Edit, then Stroke(outline) Selection

and set the width to 2 px

here is what it would look like

Next add outline again, this time set it to 3 px (:


By the way.. you’ll have to simplify layer first before you can add outline