This Is Princees Fun

I dont know much about her but she’s really nice.

She likes cats; her favourite music is pop/rock and her favourite sport is swimming.

And Her site is really Awesome (:

Shes been Reading And Watching Harry Potter as long as she can remember.  According to the sorting quiz on Scholastic’s Harry Potter website, She’s in Gryffindor.

She also LOVE the old TV show The Twilight Zone and the present-day show Ellen Degeneres.

And She has a Cat that looks like the animangus form of Minerva McGonagal.

(got those from her site, About the Creator)

Now this is why I like her even though I don’t know much about her, its cause she also loves Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter. : D

Princees Fun’s Site- Harry Potter Fan World : D

What Princees fun was thought to look like