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Jennyrules22’s Theory – YOU FOOL!

Now, Am i the only one that thinks that this new “brown” puffle is suspicious. Now You’ve all seen jennyrules22’s latest post.  It’s incorrect.  Mwa Ha Ha. This Brown Puffle. I Dont think any of these going on’s are just natural. There are not. 

1. is this a coincidence that the “brown” puffle looks just like the orange Puffle???

2. Why is the ultimate protobot suddenly around and the “brown” puffle is known are you for building?

3. Is This “Brown” Puffle REALLY brown?


In Conclusion i would like to say i think the under-sale of the ugly orange puffle, on club penguin, has brought them to evily make most of the members crave one simply because of its fallen into ash.
Thats rite, i think the brown puffle is nothing but the uglo orange puffle fallen into a bit of dirt.

Therefore Jennyrules22’s Theory has been (nearly) Foiled. MWA HA HA! 


They had us Fooled!

Club Penguin be trollin’ us! The brown puffle isn’t actually brown. It’s just a smarter version of the orange puffle.

Club Penguin Cheats said this was a glitch but I really doubt that.


Oh and Cornstorm killed her blog. Look’s like Shaddie156 will never become an author on that site. XD

omg a new post

its nothing special though..


pshh who am i kidding, this post here, yeah this, is very very special!


*NEW* Brown Puffle!!!!!!!

heyy Peoples/ Mentally Challenged Monkeys,

The New Brown Puffle Is here!!!

Here are the directions:

Go to The dock
Enter Maze , Start

Go Right

Go Up

Go Right

Go Down

Go Left

Go Down

Go Right


Play Game-ey Thing

Buy Life Jacket – $50

Build Boat, Enter boat
Go into Room Then DO this:


And heres me with my GORGEOUS Puffle, Coffee Nut: